Friday, April 17, 2015

Classic & Comfy

Hi there my fellow bloggers, so we meet again. I've been trying my best to blog more consistently and it's going pretty well. But, I have to say, it's not AT ALL easy! I say that because one, sometimes I find it hard to find someone to take my pictures. Not all of my friends have the same schedule as I do. Secondly, when I do find someone to take my pictures, we have to rush and shoot before sunset. You can already see where I'm going with this. So with that being said, being a Fashion Blogger is not as simple as it may seem (I always tell people that!) I will be doing a post in the future on how to prepare for a shoot, so you guys stay tuned! xo

So moving on to my outfit. Let me tell you guys how my granny came to the rescue and contributed to this outfit(which I LOVE!) Originally I was going to wear this outfit with my staple, a white button down shirt but the weather in New York has been so inconsistent lately that I needed an extra layer, according to my grandma. We all know how grandmas can be, haha! But she suggested I throw the sweater over and I just loved it! I loved the color and the detail. It was just perfect!

Having a little hair moment.. Haha!

Shirt: FoxCroft
Sweater: My Grandma's closet ♥
Pants: Target
Shoes: 5 Dollar Shoe Store
Jacket: Old Navy
Bag: Thrifted

Music for your weekend! Enjoy xx

Photography by Laisha A.

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